As you learned from our last update, #leregoledelgioco (#therulesofthegame) is the key word of Internet Festival 2019: the game of the internet, of course, where rules give individuals freedom of action while silently decreasing it.

Whether you impose a deregulated digital context or you impose a hyper-regulated system you will irreparably drift: a surfeit of prescriptions distorts the very essence of the game.
The only way to navigate in a digital world – as insidious as the analog world – is to be aware of the stakes and play according measured and balanced rules.

Starting from #IF2019 concept we have identified the labyrinth as the key element of our new corporate image. Like the web, the labyrinth may be interpreted as a game, inspiring and mysterious, where you fumble around even if you can follow some rules – anything but intuitive – to achieve unscathed a way out. According this key to understanding, you can find both in the internet and in the labyrinth virtuous paths next to dark turns that seemingly suggest the exit. For this reason to go down the right corners and to rely on rules equally fair – just as the rules and the knowledge acquired during our panels- can be salvific. You will find out these rules through the words and the expertise of our relators or experience them first-hand thanks to the workshops and the meetings animating #IF2019 programme, from October 10th to October 13th.


Spoiler Alert: we are ready to land on a new website, online from July with a new amazing layout rich with changes and innovations. Stay tuned!