Internet Festival-Forme di Futuro, the main Italian event dedicated to digital innovation and its protagonists, will be back in Pisa from 10 to 13 October 2019. Four days of events around the keyword of the 2019 edition: #leregoledelgioco.

The game is a decisive component in the formation of the personality of human beings and remains so regardless of age, of existential vicissitudes, of the economic conditions: without the playful dimension, life becomes graying. The game is also a primary carrier in the dynamics of the Net, where creativity is fed by the playful components. But this needs rules: if they are missing or not working, it happens that, first, individuals live in uncertainty and, then, the strongest or the most shrewd impose themselves. The examples are not lacking. In the absence of rules and thanks to marketing that looks as joyful as it is overwhelming, global operators have designed and applied business models that do not require competition. With the excuse of making the best of the Internet available, they have upset economic and social relations. In exchange for fleeting interpersonal relationships, they took away all privacy. Instead of helping us choose, they forced us to make their choices.

Instead the rules of the game – if right and shared – are the essence of coexistence, the backbone of society, the lintel of democracy. We must expect them and be wary of those who say they are useless. At the same time, the excess of rules produces equally pernicious effects: on the Internet as in the old analog world. What makes the difference is the balance and the measure, which will allow the digital world not to lose its characteristics of Great Free Game.